Camejo_crop860x450pxLuis Enrique Camejo Vento (Pinar del Rio, 1971)

As a talented 12 year old, Camejo went to a art specialist school in his hometown, and later to the National School of Art (ENA) in Havana, followed by Cuba’s prestigious Higher Institute of Art (ISA). After graduating in 1996 he also taught at ISA until 2007.

This painter has always been fascinated with light and movement and the outdoors. This led him in his early years to adopt the pointillist technique. Today Camejo is known above all for large format cityscapes, from New York to St Petersburg to Shanghai. But paramount in his enormous output, are his explorations of Havana, and in particular, the Malecón – the iconic four and a half mile sea wall that defines the city. His exquisite handling of waves breaking over the wall captures the physical movement of the wind and rain, reminiscent of works like British artist JMW Turner’s Snow Storm (1842), an artist who Camejo greatly admires. He describes his images as lacking a defined beginning or end, just like a single frame in a sequence of a film.

Camejo has had solo exhibitions in numerous states in the US, in Canada, Panama, Peru, Equador, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, the UK, Lebanon, China and elsewhere, and has participated in group shows in many other centres.

Awards he has won include an Honour in the Salón de Artes Plásticas de Pinar del Rio; First Prize in  V Nicomedes García Gómez Painting Competition, (Segovia, Spain).

His work is held in public and private collections in North and South America and numerous European countries.