Osailys (Osy) Avila Milián

(Havana, 1992)

Osy has moved on from earlier concerns about the transition from childhood to adulthood, and her current work combines brightly coloured people and animals presented on a kind of theatrical stage as if they are drawn from dreams. Often working with large fomats, she takes her inspiration from advertising icons, pop art, fashion and the street. She is one of the youngest artists in the exhibition.

Osy Milián “… incorporates advertising icons as well as influences from comics and design. Her work gets nurtured from the staunchest pop, enriched with colour intensity and visual stridency. … she is interested in seeing how artistic production is linked to different categories thereby generating dualities such as art and consumption, art and fashion, and art and market, exploring the relationship between supposedly incompatible symbolic codes, to give them a different meaning from art.”

-Chrislie Pérez Pérez, curator