hernandezsilva_william_endlesslandscapeWilliam Hernández Silva (Colón, Matanzas, 1971)

Hernández is a painter, engraver, and sculptor, who blends all these techniques with exquisite draughtsmanship.

In his work, he draws on medieval and other historical periods of painting, and combines these in a unique way with modern themes and images that often relate to Cuba itself. His skillful use of colour and figure is clean and powerful, drawing the viewer in to contemplate the strangeness of these combinations.

Art critic Carina Pino-Santos says: “In his art, [Hernández] brings together expressions, graphic signs, images characteristic of past historical styles, as well as those of the more immediate present … William’s art is one of counterpoint.  He slips through styles, parodies them, but this carnival is subtle, never harsh, but graceful.”

Hernández graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA) in 1990. He had a highly commended solo show in Guayaquil in 2013 and returned to Equador more recently for a collective exhibition, and his work has been shown and collected around the world. Hernández has won numerous awards and commendations.