adislenReyesPino_artistThank you so much!  We have made our Crowdfunder appeal target!
A huge thank you to all of our supporters, we are thrilled to have made our crowdfunding target.  Your donations will go towards funding a unique cultural exchange with Cuban visual artists, especially through the visit of Adislén Reyes for the PRESENTE! exhibition.

We are very excited about being able to bring Adislén to Britain, and we know that she will be a fantastic ambassador for the Cuban visual arts.

We very much hope to see all of you at the PRESENTE! exhibition in October, and we’ll be keeping you posted about that as the preparation process goes on.

The small surplus we’ve raised will be going together with the profits from the sale of artworks at the exhibition to buy materials for arts education projects in Cuba, to help beat the US economic blockade which makes things so difficult.