In April artist Reynerio Tamayo who is exhibiting in Presente! was at the opening of a month long show of his work in the Sanger Gallery at The Studios Key West in Florida. This is the third time Tamayo has exhibited in Key West. Against the backdrop of changing relations between the US and Cuba, the artist produced a series of new paintings specifically for the exhibition. It was described as “a bold, fun show, full of acidic pop culture criticisms and the kind of political commentary that transcends any language barrier.” Commenting on the exhibition, gallery director Ray Dodds told the local press that the goal of the gallery “is not just to hang art on the walls to be looked at. We use art to start conversations, spark new idea, and build a sense of community.” Tamayo’s show was designed to do all three.  About the show https://tskw.org/havana-key-west-express-reynerio-tamayo/

Reynerio Tamayo will be showing work in PRESENTE! Contemporary Art from Cuba – more about the artist here