The Cuban art exhibition Artxiomas opened 17 June in the United States, revealing something about the fine arts production of the new generations in Cuba, another bridge of many recently appearing between the US and Cuba in cultural aspects.

The Museum of Art of the Americas, in Washington, welcomes the first entire exhibition of Cuban artists residing in the island and who go to the United States to present their works. It is open until August 7.

The presenter of the show, Gabriela García, talked to Prensa Latina about the welcome by the public in Washington.

“It has been incredible, this city is cultural by excellence. It was a full audience inauguration, attended by diplomats, collectors, gallery owners, artists, students, Cuban residents in the city ‘, she commented.

‘They were expectant to find out about the new generation. Also, of the 15 artists, 12 attended and that was a bonus, because many people were looking for the chance to speak directly with them’, she added.

From its genesis, the project was conceived as notes on the new generation of Cuban artists living in the island. ‘Hence, the capacity of the show to change, to expand and include new voices.’

‘They are indisputably Cuban artists, but they belong to the age of the cultural globalization, in that they must not be analyzed as only local art, separated from the international scene’, pointed García.

The first edition of this show was in November 2015 in the Spanish Cultural Center in Miami.

Now, the initiative expands beyond 12 initial artists: Adriana Arronte, Ariamna Contino, Adrián Fernández, Alex Hernández, Frank Mujica, Osmeivy Ortega, Jorge Otero, Mabel Poblet, Lisandra Ramírez, Adislen Reyes, Roger Toledo and Gustavo del Valle.

In this occasion Josuhe Pagliery, Grethell Rasúa and Harold García joined them. A total of 23 works make up the exhibition that includes the most diverse languages; installation, video, photo, design, sculpture, painting, engravings, performance.

According to the organizers the artists selected work in many disciplines, they feed from things such as designing, serial composition, and there is an interest in the final touches of the work and its debut on public stages.

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Art(xiomas) includes some artists such as Adislen Reyes who will be included in the Presente! show this October in London.