Currently on show at Lois Lambert Gallery in California,  is “Straight From Cuba; A Women’s Perspective” that features the works of five different female artist from Cuba, each expressing a unique reaction to cultural expectations, gender roles and historical stereotypes. Lisandra Isabel Garcia’s portraits, the female form is juxtaposed by overlays of classical European nudes creating a dialogues about both the evolution of female sensuality and traditions of classical painting by creating graphic rather than naturalistic depictions of the human body.

Another Cuban artist featured is the talented Adislen Reyes Pino. Working with graphite and paper, her collection marries modern dilemmas, societal anxiety and humor with small glimpses in to the life of a sometimes androgynous but mostly female protagonist. She universalizes and simplifies the daily issues of modern life. Instead of utilizing the traditional symbol for mankind as male, she breaks the mold and introduces the female character with which to empathize.

June 2016. Full information about the show here