Work by one of the school children inspired by painting by Lisandra Isabel Garcia

During the 12 days the Cuban artists, Adislen Reyes, Luis Camejo, Mario Gonzalez and curator Chrislie Perez were at the GX gallery to welcome 20 8-year-olds from a local primary school – their teacher had used the Presente! Education pack to help 60 children to make their own works of art inspired by one of the works in the exhibition. The children’s work was impressive and the artists drew pictures for them as a thank you.

One of the great questions the schoolchildren asked was:

What inspires you to make your art?

Camejo: “The sea, sky, clouds.”

Adislen: “My experiences in life.”

Mario: “The little details.”


There is an online Education pack accompanying the show with ideas for art projects for young people based on some of the works in the show – download from the website at  If you are a teacher and would like to use it with your students do please get in touch at