Read just some of the comments visitors to the exhibition Presente! Contemporary Art from Cuba wrote:

A lively curation – each artwork is a gem!

Fantastic collection and great cause – thank you!

Amazing artwork, lovely to see a full collection of Cuban art!

Great inaugural exhibition – may there be more.

Wonderful exhibition. Truly beautiful.

Such a wonderful variety of styles, generations, colours and forms.

Very evocative watercolours – takes me back there.

Thought provoking and powerful. Thanks to all who made this exhibition possible.

Such a fascinating insight  I have become seriously tempted to start a personal move to collecting art.

Wonderful exhibition! Was inspired to purchase a print. Unusual to see Cuban art.

Loved this show and can’t wait to see my new artwork hanging on my wall. Thank you to the curators who told me the back story and brought it to life!

Dropped in on our way from Sheffield to Paris! Well worth it – some really interesting artworks – so good to see Cuban artists being given exposure here in Britain.

Read letter in The Guardian by Helen Colley and looked up the exhibition last week. Thank goodness! It is excellent, wish it was on for longer. Buena Suerte!

Great show, interesting to see such a diverse range of practices.

Congratulations wonderful show

Thank you – very interesting  and for a good cause.

Interesting capture of diversity in art

Long may these artists thrive!

Very good art Keep up the good work! Viva la revolucion!

Very enlightening and informative. Very colourful and poetic work.

Well worth my journey from North Wales.

Excellent – shows a side of Cuba away from the troubles and original view of the world (real) not like USA.

Very interesting and powerful work, would like to visit Cuba!

Loved it! So good to see the work of these Cuban artists in the flesh.

Fascinating show and a great cause. Keep up the good work.

Loved it all, especially the intimate pictures and use of colour. Thank you!

Very interesting and inspiring. Many thanks.

Very nice portraits.

Most interesting to learn about Cuban art and how it is surviving in difficult circumstances.

I love to listen to the woman artist talk about drawing. Many thanks.

Fell in love with the Jackson Pollock spoof but admire the seriousness of the subject too.

What a privilege to see this stunning show! So much diversity and creative originality – I wish I could buy them all!

A great inspiration for my forthcoming Cuba trip. Encaptured the complexities of Cuba very well.

Enjoyed the wide range of art on offer with the care and feeling of the subject and wish you every success.

Great show and very interesting information on Cuba.

Stunning, powerful exhibition – so glad I’ve seen it, Thank you.

Loved every minute.

The show was excellent. How great to see Cuban art here in London. It makes me miss my lovely Havana even more!

I found the roundtable discussion yesterday evening a very goood introduction to the exhibition which shows the diversity of of Cuban art, under great difficulty of obtaining materials and with its freedom of expression.

Thank you for sharing s very varied and enlightening collection of works.

Humanity has much to learn from the artists of Cuba.

A wonderful exhibition – so well curated, and the artists tour and explanations were very interesting and informative – it all brought Cuba so alive!

Really enjoyed the exhibition – very well translated – good variety of methods.

So wonderful to attend this marvellous exhibition of contemporary Cuban art and to have aguided tour with the artists and curator. Please make this an annual event.

I love Cuba, my country. Many thanks for this great exhibition it brings me lots of memories back. Long live Cuban art.

A great exhibition, gives aa wonderful feeling of Cuba.

Lovely experience – thank you.

I was so pleased to see the exhibition after hearing about it! Well done for getting it together. I enjoyed seeing all the different styles and media. What a great gallery and an exciting display area. Thank you.

Every good wishes for the art materials for Cuba campaign!

Very enjoyable. Worth coming from Manchester to visit.

A historic turning point.

Fantastic – really enjoyed it! Was very excited and now I’m here! So well displayed and curated generally.

Really very nice and I like the fact its over from Cuba.

Great exhibition!

Thank you for supporting young Cuban artists!

Very exciting to see the work of young Cuban artists!

Every picture tells a story. Loved every one.

Really incredible and features very talented artists. Deeply inspiring – also great to see art from my homeland! Lovely vibes fantastic exhibition and enjoyed thoroughly.

Wonderful wide range of work highlighting Cuba and its “colourful” history. Excellent show.

Excellent exhibition and helpful and knowledgeable curators!

A very varied colourful exhibition.

So diverse stimulating and evocative. Really exciting.

Excellent exhibition – friendly attention.

Looking forward to seeing more Cuban art when the blockade ends!

Wonderful to see contemporary Cuban art – loved the vibrancy, vitality and variety!

Very enjoyable – a good variety of work and themes. Will spread the word.

What an enthralling show! Beautifully curated and revelatory of the vital importance of art to the island. Many nostalgic memories…

As a regular visitor to Cuba I’m delighted that the artists have retained their revolutionary fervour among the beautiful pieces on display.

Fantastic and refreshing – I visited Cuba in 2010 it was amazing. I miss the beauty of the land and city scape.

Lovely evocations of the Malecon, Havana. Fascinating, original. My Favourite is Playa Giron.

Missed seeing art in Cuba early this year – wonderful to have had a chance to do so now. Great show.

I came earlier on and spoke with 2 of the artists and the Cuban curator. It was a pleasure to meet them and was sad to hear of the problems they face at home.

Continue to be inspired!

Loved the work – came to see Ernesto Garcia Pena’s work – remembering lovely evening in Cuba with you!

A fascinating exhibition – I really enjoyed looking at all the different styles and media the artists used. Well done.

An excellent sample of what Cuban artists have to offer the world. Keep it coming!