Exhibition 6-29 October 2016, GX Gallery, 7 November-22 December, The Gherkin, London


How you can support this ground breaking exhibition of contemporary Cuban art in the UK.

With a commitment to free arts education at all levels, Cuba boasts world renowned arts schools which have produced many brilliant, rigorous and engaging visual artists, as well as musicians, actors and dancers.  However while the US blockade against the country persists, arts education continues to suffer from lack of materials and opportunities for exchange.

Proceeds from the sale of artworks in this exhibition will go towards materials for Cuban art education projects, but you can also donate directly for these materials to a special fund via the Music Fund for Cuba UK charity. Here are just some examples of costs:

  • £5 – cartridge paper for 5 students
  • £10 – 10 erasers
  • £25 – various sized paint brushes for 5 students
  • £50 – a staple gun for a class of students
  • £100 – watercolour tins for 15 students
  • £250 – acrylic paints and pastels for a class of 20 students
  • £500 – oil paints and brushes for a class of 20 students

Help future talent and donate for materials for art education projects in Cuba, via the Music Fund for Cuba UK charity’s JustGiving page.

Donate here >>

If you would like to donate arts materials please get in touch with us presentecubanart@gmail.com .

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