Until 11th July, the work of Darwin Estacio Martinez, an artist exhibiting in ¡Presente!, can be seen in a group show at the Lois Lambert Gallery in Los Angeles. Commenting on the three artists showing in ‘Straight from Cuba’ one reviewer states that ‘The creative coexistence of several generations, conceptual diversity, and varying techniques display an incredible range of national identity.’

‘….Darwin Estacio Martinez’s new body of work, “Paintings of their Kind,” explores the fragments and figures that compose a universally understood visual language. Martinez is interested in the multiple associations that can be assigned to the images he constructs. His paintings are deliberately open to interpretation. He uses the headless figures of men and women to abstract the human fixation on appearance. Martinez believes that in pursuing a method that emphasizes the generic, he can capture the fluid nature of self and transcend national identity. Martinez depicts a yearning for the ideal self through fragmenting the human form and leaving his scenarios inconclusive. In his own words, his, “work is based on the search for pictorial possibilities from the standpoint of formal and conceptual painting”.’

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Darwin Estacio will be part of the Presente! Contemporary Art from Cuba show in London 6-29 October – more about the artist here